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Want to be a More Productive Web Developer? Attend the Free 2-day Microsoft Web Camps!

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function WebCamps () {

WebCampsBannerAd300x250Interested in learning how new innovations in Microsoft’s Web Platform and developer tools like ASP.NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010 can make you a more productive web developer? If you’re currently working with PHP, Ruby, ASP or older versions of ASP.NET and want to hear how you can create amazing websites more easily, then register for a Web Camp near you today!

Microsoft’s Web Camps are free, two-day events that allow you to learn and build on the Microsoft Web Platform. At camp, you will hear from Microsoft experts on the latest components of the platform, including ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, Entity Framework, IIS, Visual Studio 2010 and much more.

Web Camps also provide the opportunity to get hands on with labs and get creative by building in teams. All this with Microsoft experts on hand to guide you through.

Space is limited so register now!

US Dates

World Wide Dates


Written by wesy

April 8, 2010 at 4:20 pm

Tools for Learning – Silverlight and Expression Studio

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toolboxBanner_600x100.toolbox is a free online training program from Microsoft for designers and developers that focuses on the design and UX aspects of Silverlight using Expression Studio, as well as on User Experience best practices.

This program will be helpful for your designers to ramp up in the use of Expression Blend and become Silverlight-ready, as well as for your developers who want to ramp up on design composition and best UX practices. .toolbox will guide them through 100 to 400 level training modules. The curriculum offers approximately 36 hours of training content around Expression Blend and Silverlight and approximately 12 hours UX principles training content making .toolbox a comprehensive learning program. People on your team will be able to study the modules at their own pace and schedule.

.toolbox is a structured curriculum-based program that features two core learning tracks with materials that increase in difficulty to build individuals’ knowledge and understanding.

· In Design Scenarios, designers and developers learn to create dynamically-rich Silverlight applications using Expression Studio. They learn to add code-free functionality to designs by following step-by-step tutorials that illustrate how to create interactive user experiences.

· In Design Principles, designers and developers learn fundamental UX concepts (e.g., choosing the right colors, alignment, grids) along with tips in how to apply them.

Badges are earned and accumulated in both tracks upon successful completion of the evaluation found at the end of each level.

To Get Started

1. Go to .toolbox and sign up using your Windows Live ID

2. Visit the School section and explore the curriculum.

3. Select a module, watch the videos, and follow along using the provided guide and assets.

4. Take the evaluation for a completed level to achieve a badge.

5. Broadcast your achievements by posting to Twitter and Facebook.

Useful Links

· .toolbox Website |

· .toolbox Twitter |

· .toolbox Facebook |

· .toolbox YouTube |

· .toolbox Promo Video in YouTube |

Written by wesy

March 22, 2010 at 10:08 am